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Webinar Part 3

The Bridge Between Inspection and Testing: A Cost Effective Solution to Roller Bearing Stress Analysis

Overview: The opportunities associated with the global supply chain of rolling element bearings has OEM sourcing specialists and design engineers searching for the best practice to evaluate and qualify new bearing suppliers. Historical qualification procedures involving only field testing have given way to the addition of bearing inspection and a variety of lab tests to reduce qualification lead times, acceptance cost and product risk, but there is still an additional step. The incorporation of a basic stress analysis after bearing inspection and before product testing can provide quick and low cost information to determine the net effect that manufacturing design and quality of workmanship have on contact stress. A basic analysis can be performed without complex modeling allowing the design engineer to determine if further dynamic testing is justifiable. This webinar will review the inspection characteristics needed to conduct a basic stress analysis. We’ll then look at raceway and roller contact stress under different operating conditions and determine the influence that design or manufacturing quality have on contact stress. A stress analysis at this step can lead to supplier discussions about improved design and manufacturing quality, offsetting poor performance during dynamic life test validation.

Link: NES Part III Webinar