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NES Announces Carter Manufacturing Limited as New Distributor Partner

Olean, NY - May, 18th

Napoleon Engineering Services announced today that is has appointed Carter Manufacturing Limited as its sole distributor for NES products and services in Europe.

“Carter is a great fit for NES, as we are both niche providers of bearing products and services for similar markets” said Chris Napoleon, President and Chief Engineer of Napoleon Engineering Services. “The aerospace industry in particular requires highly engineered bearing products in very small batch quantities but on faster lead times than the major global bearing suppliers can provide. Our typical lot size for custom bearings is 25 to 50 pieces, with lead times of between 12 and 26 weeks, which is significantly faster than other major bearing suppliers.”

“We are delighted to be appointed as the sole distributor for NES products and services in Europe” said Karl Brundell, Managing Director of Carter Manufacturing Limited. “With our local market knowledge combined with NES’ expertise in the manufacture of custom bearings for challenging applications, we would expect to see a great deal of interest from customers in Europe who will see strong opportunities for custom engineered bearings. In a marketplace that has traditionally been dominated by major global bearing manufacturers that require large volumes to start production, this new distribution agreement will provide a solution to satisfy this need,” he added.

About Napoleon Engineering Services
Napoleon Engineering Services, founded in 1997, specializes in Custom Bearing Manufacturing, Bearing Testing, and Bearing Inspection, providing valuable products and services to many industries including; aerospace, drive train, agriculture, oil and gas, electric motor, automotive and heavy equipment, to name a few. Napoleon Engineering Services’ primary goal is to provide solutions for your bearing related issues. Whether it be supplying a specialty bearing product or providing information regarding evaluation of bearing quality, NES is proud of the fundamental part it takes in providing solutions for customers’ needs.

NES is also the largest independent Bearing Inspection and Bearing Testing facility in the United States.

About Carter Manufacturing Limited
Carter Manufacturing, located in Oxford, has been providing revolutionary ideas in motion since 1999, starting with the European distribution agreement for Carter Manufacturing Inc. products, from which the name was adopted. The company has now grown its product portfolio to a range that services many specialist worldwide customers with bearings, bearing assemblies and linear products. The company is focused on understanding the customer engineering problems and strive to find solutions that are tailored to each individual application. Carter has built up an in depth understanding of the way bearings interact with applications and are able to recognize and analyze bearing failures to determine how to progress and overcome problems effectively.