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Cylindrical Roller Tester

crt-500Testing of individual cylindrical rollers outside of a full scale bearing can now be achieved using the NES Cylindrical Roller Tester (CRT). Testing ceramic roller quality or evaluating the influence of crown geometry on roller life can now be done cost-effectively and without the risk of inner or outer ring failure. The NES CRT can accommodate 7mm x 7mm rollers up to 14mm x 14mm making it an ideal test bed for aerospace roller geometry and material research and development. Testing of ceramic rollers to validate material and process integrity at high stress levels can be achieved on the CRT. Stress levels as high as 450 ksi (3.1 GPa) can be achieved with 3 stress cycles per roller rotation resulting in short test times without the need for complete bearing testing and resulting ring failures. The CRT allows for validation of material, surface, form, and process integrity for end users, roller manufacturers, and bearing manufacturers.